"The Ease"

The team have been working on the site:-


The cherry blossom is very fine this year - all the trees are now in bud and seem to have done well over the winter.  25/4/16

The 1914 Rose was caught in flower at the Photograph Competition on the Ease on July 10th.

The 1915 rose was in particularly fine form for it's first year. 
The white
rose for 1916 had flowered earlier in the season -
perhaps it will flower again soon.

The rose to remember 1914 is Red.

The rose to remember 1915 is Orange.

The rose to remember 1916 is White.

The Ease moves into the techno-era!  A plaque on each gate has been put up to give some information about the Ease.  These are QR (Quick Response codes).  Smart phones with the app can read thes "bar codes" and display either this web page or a small paragraph of text about the garden in the second case.  Visitors and passers-by on the Shropshire way can find out something about The Ease.

The Jubilee tree now has its plaque.  9th January 2016

The third Spring for these daffodils - 5th March

The new daffodil bank has made a good start. 5th March

The decision to actually plant the Jubilee Oak has been taken to prevent the tree become pot-bound.   A descriptive plaque will be bought and planted in front of it.  13 November 2015.

More  bulbs have been planted on the bank near the big gate.  Nothing to see at the moment, but a good show is expected in the Spring.

The "Hadnall Remembers" cherry tree has survived the winter well and is giving a lovely show of blossom.

Meanwhile the Jubilee Oak has also done well over the winter.  However it is still too small to be planted out in the Ease, being no more than two feet tall!!

The daffodils have done well and are up with a good display this year.

Cutting the holly hedge has resulted in some damage to the path and the daffodil mounds - the trees however remain untouched.

               Remembrance Day 2014

Today we placed a wreath to honour all those from Hadnall
who  fell in the Great War and in later conflicts.

                 "We will Remember Them"

The grass hass now been re-seeded and cut and is beginning
to all look the same colour.

The stone for the Hadnall Remembers 1914 -1918 event was
dedicated on Saturday 20th September

The first cut completed for the new grass

The last lot of grass hasn't sprouted yet as it has been too dry - it is just coming through now.
29 June

The Playgroup has been busy planting shrubs for their
butterfly garden.

The grass begins to grow!

Growing on the left and sown on the right!  The new cherry tree is in the background.
17 June

This area has been roughly sown with grass.

5 June

We have started the grass seeding of the central areas and done some preparaion along the front edge.  Between a third and a half of the central "lawn" has been raked, rolled and seeded.  The smaller moon shaped bed is also seeded.  More supplies of seed and some fine weather needed to get the job finished.  The other areas around the fence will probably be left to grow wild, but will be strimmed to keep the weeds under control. 

If the weather continues to be warm and wet, we shall have the beginnings of a green sward next week!!

At last, we have managed to get the benches concreted in.  They are now ready to be used.

The trees are now all showing signs of leafage and have definitely got taller!

Some of the daffodils planted in the Autumn have begun to come up.  In years to come, we should get a good show.

Hornbeam - Carpinus Betulus
Sycamore - Acer Pseudoplatanus

The "un-named" field
(getting a few suggestions now - more needed!)

The seven trees planted are described in a clockwise direction from the roadside gate.  The Jubliee Oak will eventually be planted between the Hornbeam and the sycamore when it is sufficiently big to survive on the site.

We are hoping to begin the grassing process shortly, but in massive ingress of thistles will slow us down.  Anyone with time on their hands is invited to go to the field and dig up weeds and thistles as often as they can!  We have made a start - Tuesday afternoons from now on - weather permitting!

Daffodils have been planted along some of the low bank in front of the birches.  Anyone willing to contribute more spring bulbs should contact any of the team (Tony Corn, Neil Duxbury or Tony Collins).

The benches will finally arrive soon too.  The plan is to have it all ready for the Spring.  The weather could play a part in these plans though!

Field Maple - Acer Campestre

White-barked Birches  - Betulis Utilis Jaque Montii

Here is a selection of the photos from the path construction - remember when it was hot in July!!