Hadnall's Community Led Plan

The construction of the CLP could well turn out to be a wise move as it will help the village to have a strong input into the development of Hadnall over the next few years.  However this Plan must be a document that can clearly demonstrate that the whole community has had the opportunity to have a say where and how development should take place.  This page is planned to be where news/opinions/suggestions/comments can be placed.  Unless otherwise suggested, comments will be added without the name attached.

For those who would like to find out a lot more about the task in hand, the guidance from Shropshire Council is attached here.

After a series of 4 meetings to try to explain the situation, Hadnall is now moving forward to create a Steering Group to deliver the Plan for Hadnall's Future.  Volunteers may send their details to: clp@hadnall.org.uk


Ideas submitted so far:

Recreational area for teenagers/adults, football/tennis etc (visit Berwick Grange site)
Village get-together in Village Hall with band/music - take own food/drink  Family night out  - once a month
Take- away /chip shop for the village
Speed cameras - 30mph sign helps but doesn't stop speeding through the village

A Working Party (name not agreed yet!) has met twice and has begun a difficult task of delivering a Community Led Plan.  The Working Party has the following compsition (19/10/16):-
Chair:  Jim Slater
Vice-Chair:  Adrian Parker
Treasurer: Nigel Clifford
Secretary: Tony Collins
Richard Liver, Gill Slater, Neil Duxbury, Harmesh Jassel, Pushkar Trevedi

Relevant Documentation

Hadnall CLP Working Party's Constitution
Shropshire CLP Guidance
Hadnall Parish Plan 2013
Hadnall Place Plan Part 1  Part2