Hadnall & District History Group

St Mary Magdalene, Hadnall
Churchyard Memorials Survey

June 2019

Last update: 3rd December 2019

The History Group began a re-survey of the burial memorials in Hadnall Churchyard in May 2019.  Using the 1996 Shropshire Family History Society's Survey as a basis, we began by updating the record of the existing graves and adding the new ones.  Memorials that were arranged round the edge of the churchyard which had been removed from their original site were looked at and checked where that was practical - otherwise the original data was retained.  Where memorial deterioration has taken place the photographs(s) show the current state, but the original information is retained.

The pattern of display reflects this Group's work in Astley Churchyard (part of the same benfice as Hadnall) to provide the same kind of resources for everyone to access.  
Once the survey is completed, updates will keep the records up-to-date in both churchyards.

Resources being produced -  available are in accessed by following the blue links.

Grave stone index by number  with prefix "A", "C" and "D" eg A1, C2, D3 plus those B graves still extant (See interactive map) now completed, subject to on-going changes.
Alphabetic list of the memorials in place
Grave stone index by number  with prefix "B" eg B2 and some A223 -A236  ie those grave stones which have been moved to the outer edges of the churchyard.
Memorials index by number  with suffix "CH" eg 3CH (See interactive map inside the church) 
Interactive maps of the graves - currently "A", "C", "D" and those "B" grave stones still extant
Excel version of the records only
CSV version of the records
Word version of the memorials in the Church

New  - Jackie Williams has found an interesting set of documents in the Shropshire Archive.  It is the petition to The Consistory Court Of Lichfield (Diocese) to move some of the graves in Hadnall Curchyard in 1967. At this point, we have no information about the outcome of the petition except to say some things did happen later but not all the movements took place.  The accompanying map gives good detail about here these graves were at that time.  Some of the graves mentioned can still be found in situ and others are listed in "B" graves as being moved to the side of the churchyard.  Others still, are known to be on the side but not mentioned in the "B" list.  More research is needed.  However a long list of names, hitherto not available to us gives a little new information.
For the moment, we are offering scans of the map, pages and a transcription.  Undoubtedly there are error and ommisions, so anyone who can offer corrections, is very welcome to send these to history@ hadnall.org.uk  If anyone knows more about this event, we would be delighted to hear - there might be someone who can remember the events surrounding this and the outcome!

Comments are welcomed to history@hadnall.org.uk

Tony Collins, H&DHG