Hadnall's P3 Group (Parish Pathways Partnership)
This group was formed in 2016 with the aim of keeping the footpaths in the Parish open and passable during the summer months and repairs made during the winter months.  The Shropshire Way passes through the village and is very popular with walkers and dog-walkers from the village as well as those from further afield.  A small band of 10 volunteers have managed to keep the Shropshire Way from getting overgrown with grass, nettles and thistlesThe group meets every two weeks during the summer, but does have to abandon work when it gets too hot!

Dates that the group meets on are also posted on the village website in the diary.

Dates of working parties:- 
We started working parties on Tuesday May 7th and are hoping to meet fortnightly  Each time, the start time will be 2pm at the Village Hall.
New volunteers are always welcome!

Activity Log:

July 2019:  We have held sessions which have concentrated in reducing the vegetaion on the Shropshire Way within the village, but on July 2nd we went to the Shropshire Way near the Hardwick Stables to clear the route though some very dense undergrowth.  The picture shows the work going on and just how dense and tall the undergrowth was!
July 2019

May 2019: The first session was curtailed by a nasty hailstorm.  We managed to clear vegetation encroaching  the Shropshire Way section behind Chapel road before the rain hit us!

February 2019:  Not the work of the P3 Group, but Sansaw Estate have provided and laid some stone to provide a good surface for walking on.  It needs to be compressed, to harden the surface and perhaps even a top dressing put on it. Plans are afoot....

November - December 2018: We have been putting in the wooden edge boards in preparation for the membrane and stone.  The path will be "rural" in nature and hence not to motorway standards - as neil says " designed wiggly"!  We have now finished the edging - then it will be the really hard work!!

22/23 October 2018:  We began the construction of the all-weather section of the footpath started a while ago.  Due to the generousity of Hadnall Parish Council and Sansaw Estate we now have the  where-with-all to build the path over the muddy section.  The first task was to get a digger to excavate the base for the stone (it was too far to consider digging by hand!)  Darren Lewis provided a suitable digger which could just squeeze through the kissing gate.  The whole "trench" has now been completed, ready for the timber edging and membane to be put in before the stone.

18th September 2018:  The final session of the year - a final tidying of the Shropshire Way.

5th September 2018:  A new afternoon's work for the group - 4 set off from the |Village Hall to walk to Haston to work on the footpath that runs between Haston lane and Wood Road.  The stiles were replaced a couple of years ago and so were all in tip-top condition, but needed work with the secateurs to clear then of brambles and nettles.  The return journey via Station Road was a very pleasant walk in the warm sunshine!

21 August 2018:  For a change, we decided to tackle the brambles, nettles etc down theside s of Haston lane as far as the railway bridge.  This is not one of our paths but we know a number of families go riding along the lane and there were lots of sharp branches which could catch the unwary.  Indeed three members of a family came riding by as we were working!

8th August 2018: The weather was due to be hot in the afternoon, so we changed the timing to 9am which was more tolerable!  The group split into two - some working by the back of the Estate Office to clear the Shropshire Way there whilst the rest cleaed local growth or strimmed the path between the big field and the path behind the Chapel Road estate.  The early morning working meant more walkers trying to bet past us than we normally see.

24th July 2018:  Session cancelled due to weather!

8th July 2018 - two groups tackled different areas.  One group went up to the area behind the Estate Office and cleared the Shropshire Way, whilst another strimmed and cleared the "middle" field path behind Chapel Road.

26th June 2018 - session cancelled due to heatwave (30 degrees!)

13/14th June 2018:  There were only three volunteers this week due to a clash with another village group. We worked mainly on the Shropshire Way, but did not manage to complete the strimming of the path behind Chapel Road  due to a technical hitch.  The vegetation had grown to almost head high in places and was getting very hard to easily pass through it.  The Playgroup use this route and they called it a "Jungle Walk".  The plants would have been well above the "smalls" heads!
Went back the next day and finished off the strimming all the way through to the field.

29th May 2018: Four hardy souls cleared the footpath from Ladymas Road through the back of Providence Grange to the field beyond at ground level and at head level.

16th May 2018:  Five volunteers continued attacking the bamboo and cleared the path to the Ease and we also strimmed a path through to the open space.  We need a bonfire to clear the pile of debris!!

We have begun the process of putting a bid in to the Parish Council for money to continue with the path that we started last year.  Hopefully that will come through soon and we can re-start the project

1st May 2018: Six volunteers made a start to the new season with pairs working in Church Field, on Hadnall Bank and behind Chapel Road.  So far the growth is not significant, but starting now means we have it under control.  The bamboo by the Ease was attacked and will need further hard graft to reduce its spreading growth.  The holly in the Ease needs cutting back as it over-growing the fence, but may have to be left until after the nesting season.

We achieved a bit more path construction and have now reached about 13m along the way  Underlay has been kindly supplied by the Bowling Club, but we have now run out of wood for the edging.  There is only a small amount of stone left so not much more progress can be made until more funds become available .

In addition a path was cut from the entrance of the The Ease onto the field so that walkers can can get onto the cut area from the layby.  This will be of particular help to dog walkers who can't go through the Ease.  It takes a lot of time to keep the Shropshire Way clear for walkers, but other paths in the parish can also be cleared if a need arises.

Tuesday 4th July:  7 hardy workers this time, engaged in laying a bit more path.  We have laid about 10 yards now and have run out of wood and fabric underlay.  There is still a bit more stone to lay.  The path was also stimmed clear to the far field so that you can walk along and not get wet legs if it has been raining.  It will probably need to be done again when we meet in two weeks, though!

We had a real treat afterwards when Anna turned up with ice-creams for us.  They were very much appreciated, thanks!

Wednesday 21st June: We tried an experiment of having a working party on a Wednesday rather than the usual Tuesday, however it still didn't suit everyone, so a compromise is now planned, alternating Tuesday sessions with one on a Wednesday will give more folk an opportunity to contribute.  The website will be the best place to keep a track of when sessions will take place.
The most recent session saw a few hardy folk (- it was warm and muggy!) do some thistle and nettle clearing whilst others worked on laying a short section of path along the Shropshire Way.  Some materials for the path became available, so it was decided to start the construction to show what can be achieved.  It is hoped to eventually extend the path to about about 120m, so that walking in the winter is possible and safer!  However more materials and digger are needed to get that done!

26th September
Five group members spent the day with fellow P3 and Healthy Walking Groups at the Annual Shropshire Celebration Day.  Some went on a fungi Foray and learned about various aspects of wild fungi, one went for a walk over and around the Cliffe and one went for a guided walk around part of the Nesscliffe Training Camp, looking at the old Shropshire and Montgomery Railway and some of the old WW2 ammunition bunkers on the site.  The day proved to be rather damp, but lunch was provided in Nesscliffe Village Hall and we were updated with aspects of Shropshire Outdoor provision and an amusing talk about Shropshire Folklore.

The gang hard at work at the first working party and then enjoying a very
welcome drinks break provided by a kind local resident.

The first working Party worked at the back of the Chapel Road estate, clearing
the path and cutting back the overhanging branches

At a subsequent working party, the path across Church Field was strimmed to
give a nettle/thistle free path