“Abstract Thoughts” is the title of this year’s ‘Art’ competition. The theme is abstract ideas and objects.  There are three categories: 2D photos/paintings and textiles, 3D objects made out of any kind of medium(s).  These two are open to all ages.  The third class is reserved for those who have not yet reached secondary school age. The chosen medium here is building bricks (Lego, KNex etc ) and again we are looking for interesting, attractive and imaginative shapes and textures.  There are no limitations on size for any of the classes, the only stipulation is that each submission has a name! 
Like last year, we will be “crowd-voting”, where those who view the exhibits get to vote for their favourite in any of the classes. Medals will again be awarded to the winners in each category.  Entry will be free to both the competition and the exhibition, but we will be asking for small donations to fund future competitions.  Entries should be taken to the Village Hall between 12midday and 2pm on the day.
Having your say on the winners!
Voting is by popular opinion - there are no judges!

Voting begins at 2pm – entries should be submitted before 2pm!

Everyone can have a set of three votes for each class
– coded by colour pink for Class 1, yellow for Class 2 and white for class 3.

There are envelopes for each entry (numbered).
You may put in your votes in any of the envelopes of the entries for the class.
You may put more than 1 vote in an envelope if you wish.
    Votes of the wrong colour are not counted!

At 4 o’clock, the voting will close and the votes in the envelopes will be counted.

The three entries receiving the most votes in each class, will receive their medals at about 4.15pm.