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Grave 73

On the North face: Underneath
this tomb lieth the remains of
Thomas Minton
of Astley who departed this life the 9th day of July
1809 aged 77 years

On the South face (more difficult to decipher):
this tomb lieth the remains of
Mary Wife of the said Thomas
MINTON who departed this life the 3rd day of
January 1814 Aged 72 years

On the North vertical wall are 8 lines of text:-
Within the silent greav entombed lies here
the best of husbands and a father dear
Harmless in his words and in his dailing just
faithfull to his friend and upright to his trust
Farewell dear partner my best friends adieu
Pray Christ prepare us all to follow you
Lement my loss I must remain tell life is ore [Lament my loss, I must remain til life is o'er]
Where we shall meet again and part no more

On the South vertical wall are 4 lines of text:-
Pray stop [awhile?] and cast an eye
As you are now so once was I
As I am now so you must be
Therefore prepare to follow me