A Burial & Memorial Record of Astley Churchyard, Shropshire - Commenced in 2007

(last update 1/8/2019)  

by the Hadnall & District History Group

This research represents the work of a group of members of the Hadnall & District History Group. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Rev Rob Haarhoff and his parishioners for allowing us to do the recording. We would also like to thank the Shropshire Family History Society for their help. We have used their numbering system and added to it where appropriate. A special thank you to Ian Dodds for making the interactive burials map.


Originally, it was decided that the best format for the accessability of the data was to create an off-line "website". The CD contains this "website" of links to all the grave records we have been able to record - matching up text and photographs. In addition, the data is available in spreadsheet form so the records can be sorted by other researchers. We have also included memorials from within and without the church.   A web version is also available below - see links.  The growth in internet research is such that we have abandoned the CD version- non were sought!   However the internet site is kept up-to-date and as such is the best source of the data for the present.

It is hoped that these formats will be easy to keep updated with additions and amendments. Any additional information will be welcomed. 


No copyright of all the materials is claimed by the Hadnall & District History Group,we would appreciate recognition where approriate.

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