Hadnall's Embroidered Map in the Village Hall

One of Hadnall's treasures is an embroidered map of the village which is proudly displayed in the Village Hall.  The "history" of the map is recorded in a folder which was lovingly produced by Catherine Coles.  This records in detail all the plans and details of how the map was produced.  It records in pictures, words and samples,  how the embroidery came about.  This file is a valuable record of the work of the many village people who contributed skills, patience and hard work to the project.
The following short extracts from this file give only an outline of this marvellous record.  The folder will be available for inspection to interested parties.  Catherine Coles has the file.

All 60 pupils at the school wrote their names and the signatures were
stitched round the pictures on the red tape.

Visits for professional help were made to get the best advice.

Finally everything was completed and at a grand opening, Bill Cruikshank and Norman Davey
unveiled the map as it hung on the Village Hall wall.