Hadnall RAF Transmitter Station

Recently some photographs were sent to a villager showing the Hadnall Transmitter Station for RAF Shawbury.  The sender (Gordon Carter) said that the buildings were in a field in Mill Lane.  The photos were taken in the mid 1950s. He had visited about 20 years ago and found nothing to see.

The search on some old maps revealed a possible site in a field to the left of Mill Lane going westwards.  In those days the field was split into two areas but this is not the case these days.  There is a surfaced track in Ladymas which leads to this field.  Might this be a remnant?

There is a little rubble at the end of the track - is this a scrap of the building?

Gordon mentioned that the matching Receiver Station was in Painsbrook Lane, but did not have any photos.  Does anyone remember where these buildings were and when they were demolished?  We have now identified a concrete base which may be the site of this (Aug '13)

Any information to history@hadnall.org.uk would be very gratefully received.

With grateful thanks to Gordon Carter for permission to use the pictures.

Hadnall & District History Group